Prepare Better Coffee

Fresh Coffee is Key:
The Last Stand Coffee Co. coffees will be fresh and delicious for cupping up to 35 days from roast under normal brewing conditions. For optimal performance in Espresso Machines we recommend that it is used within 20 days. Store your beans in an airtight container (such as a Mason jar) and in a cool dark place…. Direct sunlight is damaging to roasted coffee.

Preserving Coffee:

1. Always maintain your coffee in whole bean form. The bean is trying to keep in the goodness.

2. Store in an airtight container. A Mason jar is perfect!

3. Store your beans in a cool, dark space.

4. Do not allow for excess moisture. Crack the jar to use some beans then reseal immediately and store.

Pour Over:
1. Bring water to boil/200 degrees F is fine. Allow it to sit for a few moments.(15sec)
2. While water boils. Grind to medium/fine grind, 15 grams fresh roasted coffee. It may not seem like enough but fresh roasted coffee is special. As your coffee ages you may want to add a bit more and that is okay.
3. Place filter into pour over unit and add fresh ground coffee.
4. Slowly pour water over the coffee allowing space in filter for the bloom.
5. Stir Coffee gently for 15-20 seconds.
6. Slowly pour additional water into coffee to reach volume desired.
* Makes 1 8 oz. cup of coffee. Additional grounds could be added for a stronger cup… yet we recommend the proportions noted. If the coffee desired is larger in total volume add whatever fraction of fresh ground coffee to be equivalent to volume of water. ie. 7.5 additional grams for a 12oz. mug or 15 additional grams for a 16oz. mug.
7. Enjoy the fresh roasted coffee!

French Press:

1. Always use a clean French Press. Oils and tannins build up over time and will taint the cup if not properly disassembled & cleaned between uses.

2. Boil water or brew at 200 degrees F.

3. Grind 65 grams of bean coarsely just before water boils/200 degrees reached.

4. Add fresh ground coffee to french press carafe and slowly pour the water over allowing room for the bloom. (start timer)

5. Stir the coffee for 20-30 seconds before adding additional water to carafe to reach optimal volume.

6. Place press assembly onto carafe and depress ever so slightly to push all grounds just below the surface of water.

7. Allow to steep for a total of 4 minutes then depress assembly slowly. From start to finish brewing should only be 4 minutes. Less time will cause a weak cup; more time will over extract and bring out unwanted bitter notes.

8. Enjoy your fresh roasted coffee!