The Roaster is the Combination of Man & Machine:

The Roaster is the Combination of Man & Machine:

The Last Stand Coffee Co. Is Backed by a Custom Built Human Powered Organic Coffee Roaster Dedicated to creating truly Artisan Coffee. The fire roasting process that is our passion is a traditional but rarely used method in the New World of coffee roasting. Its design is reminiscent of the days of old. With craftsmanship, artisan character and high grade components this piece of functional art provides a unique and inspiring coffee roasting process that creates coffee that the gods would approve of. From the sewing machine treadle, to the cast iron burner and copper drum. We spare no energy or expense in the delivery of what is to be the finest coffee in the world. Constant human interaction and input with the roasting coffee is so crucial that we have designed it to be a requirement of function. This design concept brought to light the concept of caring for the roast more than even we expected. If you Love coffee, you must not loose another day. Life with Last Stand Coffee is truly living, So Grab your beans buy the bag!

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